Wallet Updates and Node Tutorial Videos

Tari base node setup videos 

The feedback contributors to Tari have received from the community has been incredibly helpful. One consistent piece of feedback is for better documentation on how to set up a Tari base node. A contributor decided to take this project on and made a video walk-through to guide community members through setting up and running a Tari base node. Thank you to this amazing contributor for making this happen.

Currently, these walk-through videos are available for Windows and Mac. An Ubuntu walk-through video is coming soon.

New Aurora wallet release

The Aurora wallet is improving rapidly. Details on the latest release:

Tari Aurora v0.1.3 (iOS) 

Shiny new features:

  • Cancel any transaction that hasn’t yet been accepted by the recipient

  • Long press the Emoji ID “Copy” button to copy the hex public key instead of emojis

  • Pull to refresh on your transaction list to re-sync it

Boring but still useful:

  • Fallback to device PIN when Touch ID or Face ID is unavailable

  • Fix for UI issues on for smaller iPhones on transaction detail view

  • Fix for bug causing the app to crash when entering an amount to send

  • Last but not least, the animations in the onboarding flow have been refined to make the first-time user experience snazzier and more intuitive.

Tari Aurora v0.1.11 (Android)

Updates include:

  • Implement "Cancel transaction" CTA (TX list updates, push notifications and TX details statuses is yet to come)

  • Add sentry.io crash reporting

  • Fix BigDecimal rounding bug, making it look like receivers were paying fees.

  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

Download the latest Aurora wallet build here and share your feedback with the Tari community on IRC (#Tari-dev on Freenode), Telegram, Reddit, or on Github.

Developer updates

New base node binary releases

New base node binary releases for both Windows and Mac fix some of the major issues that were mentioned in the last newsletter. Check out the downloads page to make sure you’re running the latest version.

Here’s a rundown on what’s new since v.0.2.1-23677a7:

  • The get-mining-state command has been added to the CLI. You’re now able to see what your miner is doing. Results will show if mining is on and what your hash rate is.

  • Improvements and simplifications to the OSX and Windows installers.

  • Some Windows 10 users were experiencing an “Insufficient disk space” error running the node. The LMDB database size is now dynamically managed, solving this bug.

  • Rudimentary gRPC support for the base node has been implemented. This will be very useful for things like block explorers and future versions of the wallet to extract information about the blockchain with a simple API.

  • Both participants of a ping-pong request now share chain metadata (chain height, difficulty, etc.) This will make a big difference in letting nodes know if they’ve fallen behind the main chain.

  • Better logging around why blocks and transactions are rejected.

  • Fixed a bug causing error: failed to run custom build command for ‘prost-build v0.6.1’ errors for some people.

  • Reset failed connection attempts after joining the network. Previously a peer’s offline state would be removed when receiving a discovery/join. However, it’s failed attempt count was not making it possible for a single failed connection attempt to mark the peer as offline. 

  • A change in how neighbors are determined in the DHT was implemented to reduce clustering and spontaneous partitions in the network. Some partition issues persist and are being investigated.

  • Bug fix: mempool was permitting double-spend transactions to be submitted in candidate blocks.

  • Added an event stream to the mempool that the miner can listen to. This allows better synchronization between mempool and miner. This will help ensure the miner isn’t receiving stale data leading to the mining of invalid blocks.

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