Trying to Break The Tari Testnet💥

Tari Testnet Stress Test 😱

The mission for the Tari protocol is to become the most useful protocol for digital assets. In order to achieve this mission, the Tari network must be as resilient as possible. In the continued effort to test the test network’s resilience, Tari contributors will perform a stress test on Thursday, September 10th at 16:00 UTC. 

This stress test will be the first in over 2 months. During that time many system level improvements have been made. Tari contributors hope that the network will perform well during this stress test. 

Join Along In Testing or Watching

The Tari community can participate in the stress test, either by providing a base node or mobile wallet to receive the transactions, by running a base node to mine transactions, or by running a base node to monitor the action in the mempool and on the blockchain.

Or if all of that is too much but you still want to watch the stress test take place, then follow along by running the Tari blockchain explorer in a browser. Thank you for being a part of the Tari community and participating in this stress test cycle.

Test Format (The Deets)

The format of the test will be to send 3600 transactions to 10 base node wallets and 216 transactions to 10 mobile wallets each. This will be sent from the 6 sending base node wallets running on 2 computers. The estimated transaction submission of all transactions will be approximately 46 minutes, which is the time it will take for 1 base node wallet to submit 6360 transactions, as this will run in parallel. 

The first full block is expected to be mined within 4 minutes after the test starts, with a theoretical minimum of 59 consecutive blocks to be filled after that to mine all the transactions, which will take at least 2 hours to complete. During the previous stress test, this proved to take closer to 4 hours. The hope is that it will take less time during this test cycle.

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