The New Tari Testnet is Here 👀

Say Hello to Stibbons Testnet 👋

ICYMI last week Tari contributors reset the Tari testnet, bidding adieu to Ridcully and welcoming in Stibbons testnet. Stibbons testnet is the third testnet implementation and the culmination of everything the Tari community learned over the past 10 months since testnet launch. Stibbons makes significant progress with SHA3 standalone mining, key updates to the console wallet, and improved network stability.

Version 0.8.1 of the Tari base node was released this week and is now available for download. It’s recommended that all users completely remove their old testnet nodes and start fresh.

Keep up to date with the latest updates on the Tari telegram and the updates page.

Base Node v0.8.1 Release

Tari contributors have released a new update in the latest version of the Tari base node (v0.8.1), and it’s available for download now. It’s recommended that all users running nodes upgrade to the latest version. Please note you’ll need to delete your db folder and sync from scratch. Check out all the updates since version 0.7.2:

Base Node v0.8.1

Major changes since v0.7.2 

  • Wallets can now be recovered using seed words PR

  • Better transaction handling when switching base nodes PR

  • Pruned mode, a core feature of Mimblewimble, has now been fixed and allows for fast syncing of the blockchain while also using less storage space than a full archival node PR

  • The maximum number of RandomX virtual machines can now be set in the config to enable running on low memory machines PR

  • The stand alone SHA3 miner logic has been improved to boost mining hash rate PR

All changes since v0.7.2

  • Correct block times PR

  • Fix console wallet runtime errors PR

  • Add cucumber to CI PR

  • Update libwallet build for Github actions PR

  • Remove “add one to port” hack in console wallet PR

  • Move generated proto files to OUT_DIR PR

  • Update fee vs amount being sent validation PR

  • Fix submit block in integration test PR

  • Remove Ridcully references from Stibbons code PR

  • Remove generated proto files from tari_core PR

  • Fix for automated wallet startup PR

  • Stibbons Testnet PR

  • Update timestamp for Stibbons PR

  • Add ability to set maximum number of RandomX VMs PR

  • Fix off-by-one error in target difficulty PR

  • Assign wallet GRPC port for cucumber tests PR

  • Refactor wallet bootup to not cause confusion PR

  • Fix cucumber tests for Windows use PR

  • Add WalletTransfer feature to cucumber tests PR

  • Implement wallet recovery from seed words PR

  • Encrypto Node_id and Tor_id at rest PR

  • Update default wallet confirmation time PR

  • Fix returned field name in getTransactionInfo call PR

  • Implement TXO validation on Base Node switching in LibWallet PR

  • Run cucumber tests using release mode PR

  • Added getVersion call to wallet GRPC PR

  • Up stibbons lock height PR

  • Implement new Transaction Broadcast Protocol using base node RPC PR

  • Add chain heigh to list-connections output PR

  • Update ReadMe for iOS build on Big Sur PR

  • [Merge Mining] Remove merge mining template on successful submission PR

  • Remove unused sys-info dependency PR

  • From mikethetike/mb-pruned2 PR

  • Boost mining specs PR

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