Rock on with Tari ⚡️🎸

It’s Time to Rock Out With Tari ☠️🎸

“When will there be new TTL items?” is a cry often heard in the Tari Telegram channel. Fear not, here’s something truly special for you. Two new original designs to show your love for how much Tari rocks. As always, items are exclusive and will never be made again. So only the quickest Tari groupies will be able to claim their rocking shirts with tXTR. Available now on The TTL Store.

Need more tXTR? Mine tXTR, or post your Emoji ID on Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, or IRC (#Tari-dev on freenode), and a friendly tXTR whale might send you some.

*tXTR has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash, cash equivalent, or other tokens or cryptocurrencies.

TA/RI Shirt

Party like it’s 1979 with this TA/RI rocking shirt. Let the world know; “hey, I might be a blockchain nerd but I am a rockstar blockchain nerd.” 

Tari Division Shirt

Memes, rock and rock, and default private transactions are three things at the core of Tari. Google “unknown pleasures meme” if you’re feeling lost here.

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