New Year, New Tari Testnet 🎉

New Year, New Tari Testnet🎉

January is a time for New Year’s resolutions, taking down the Christmas tree, shoveling snow, and updating the Tari testnet. Tari contributors have been busy making meaningful progress on the Tari testnet, here’s the latest rundown on what’s happening with the Tari protocol.

A lot has changed since the last Tari testnet reset in October and Tari contributors agreed that it would be wise to take everything they’ve learned and reset the testnet. The testnet reset will occur on January 28th, 2021 with a new release starting from block height 0 with a new genesis block.

Say goodbye to Ridcully and welcome the new testnet, Stibbons. The main feature of this update will be the addition of kernel and output count to the block headers to enable better syncing with a pruning horizon.

Other key updates in the new Stibbons testnet:

  • The coinbase lock height will increase to 60

  • The default confirmation time in wallets will be 6 blocks

  • The pruning horizon will be 1000 blocks and will be enabled by default. Full archival nodes can still be run, by removing the pruning horizon setting from the config

What this means for you:

  • Any testnet Tari (tXTR) that you have in your wallet will disappear

  • As a result, it’s probably best to spend that tXTR on The TTL Store (wink wink)

  • You’ll be able to spend that tXTR up until shortly before testnet reset

  • Ridcully will retired shortly after the reset

  • Users will need to delete everything and start with a new node (version 0.8.0)

The latest updates will be posted on the Tari telegram and the updates page.

Base Node v0.7.2 Release

Tari contributors pushed one last major update to Ridcully testnet last week, Version 0.7.2, bringing a number of major changes. Most notably block sync speed has been increased dramatically for SHA3 blocks and for RandomX blocks. It’s available for download now. It’s recommended that all users running nodes upgrade to the latest version.

A standalone SHA3 miner was also merged, fixing a lot of the bugs in the miner included in the base node. In the near future, the wallet and miner in the base node will be removed entirely.

What this means for you: The blockchain database structure has changed, so you’ll need to delete your db folder and sync from scratch.

Let’s run through all the important updates to the base node in the latest release.

Base Node v0.7.2

Major features 

  • Block sync speed has been increased dramatically for SHA3 blocks PR

  • Block sync speed has been increased dramatically for RandomX blocks PR

  • Standalone SHA3 miner PR

  • Integrate Rewindable outputs into transactions. This is a precursor to wallet recovery. By storing information in the bullet proof, a wallet will be able to scan the blockchain to find UTXOs that belong to it PR

  • Removed Pending and Orphan pool from Mempool. These extra pools were open to abuse and only catered for advanced scenarios, which were not yet implemented. At a later stage they may be added back, but for now the community decided to remove them to simplify development and testing PR

  • Add console wallet passphrase encryption PR

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