Monero Talk Interview with Ric and Naveen

Monero Talk with Riccardo "fluffypony" Spagni and Naveen Jain

Riccardo Spagni, and Naveen Jain joined the Monero Talk podcast to discuss all things Tari. This interview provides insight into how things have gone from conception to testnet, the journey to create something people will (hopefully) find useful, how Monero (hopefully) benefits from Tari, and the importance of preserving liberty & privacy in the digital age.

If you’ve got questions about Tari, this video is 💯󠀥󠀥󠀥󠀥% worth watching.

Side note: play along by taking a shot every time fluffypony sips his whiskey.

Tari Ubuntu base node setup video 

Two weeks ago, a contributor made a video walk-through to help guide community members through setting up and running a Tari base node on Windows and Mac. This week makes it a trio with a Ubuntu Tari base node walk-through.

If you’re still having trouble with setting up your base node or the Tari network, ask for help from the community on Telegram or report a bug on Github.

Subscribe to the Tari YouTube channel for future guides and more.

Developer updates

Base node v0.2.5 released

The developer community pushed up v0.2.5 of the Tari base node for all operating systems. This release focuses on node stability and network performance.

Fun Features

  • Added a get-state-info command to display current base node state

  • Message tracking for testnet troubleshooting

  • Added OSX section to

  • Added the version command to base node CLI

  • Added get_cancelled_transaction_by_id to FFI & update cancel callback

  • Added GetCalcTiming function to gRPC service

Bug Fixes

  • Refactored the validators to ensure that each validation step only competes once

  • Added local pub key to the source and dest fields for canceled txs in FFI

  • Switched the BlockEvent stream to Tokio broadcast. Reducing the memory footprint for block event broadcast channel by using a tokio broadcast channel.

  • Chain metadata service not updating metadata on reorgs

  • Updated sending of Tx Reply & Finalize messages to send SAF if Direct fails.

  • Limited unnecessary storage of messages with duplicate content

  • Fixed block_forward sync to add blocks via local interface to ensure that events trigger correctly.

  • Fixed a typo in mobile build script

  • Replaced deprecated bigint with uint

Thank you to everyone who has been testing the latest builds and reporting bugs. Your efforts are making Tari stronger 💪

Community Contribution: How to run a Tari base node for Windows 10

Blue, a community member in the telegram group, put together a guide on how to run a Tari Node on Windows 10. The guide covers downloading & installing, verifying the hash of the exe, configuring your node, and running Tari 😎 

It’s incredible to see community members contributing to help build the Tari ecosystem. Thank you blue for the awesome guide!

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