Less Disk Space, More Mining

Base Node v0.5.3 With Pruned Mode and Merge Mining

Tari contributors have released a new update in the latest version of the Tari base node (v0.5.3), and it’s available for download now. It’s recommended that all users running nodes upgrade to the latest version.

Pruned mode is now enabled (!!!) on Tari base nodes to help save space by not storing the entire blockchain. You’ll still have all the privacy and security, but without eating up all of the disk space that you use for ... video games 🏋️

Now when you use the get-chain-metadata command in your Tari base node, you’ll be able to see the pruning horizon and the effective pruned height 💎

Merge mining and RPC updates are also under the hood of this latest update but don’t expect to merge mine with Monero just yet. This release is part 1 of testing merge mining. The community discussions have led to a final proposal for merge mining on Tari.

After much discussion, a final proposal has emerged from the community with regards to how Tari mining will work. The proposal is for Tari to employ a hybrid mining approach comprised of two mining algorithms, with an average combined target block time of 120 seconds to match Monero’s block interval. The first algorithm is CPU-friendly: Monero merged-mining using RandomX. On average, 60% of blocks will be mined using RandomX.

The second algorithm is a Tari-only, independent, “GPU-friendly” SHA-3-based proof-of-work algorithm. An average of 40% of Tari blocks will be mined using this algorithm.

More details on how and why these algorithms were selected by the Tari community can be found in this RFC

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