Giphy Integration in Aurora 😊

Things are Moving in Aurora Wallet 0.4.0 👀

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how many words is a GIF worth? 

Tari contributors have been looking for ways to make the Aurora Wallet experience even more fun, engaging, and enjoyable. Aurora Wallet v0.4.0 is the outcome of these efforts. Based on community feedback, this version introduces Giphy integration and some great UX improvements to the transaction list screen. Users can now send a GIF with their transaction; so in the future when the Tari mainnet is live, whether you’re paying a friend back for pizza or making it rain, you can now let them know using your favorite GIFs 🎉

The latest release of Aurora is available for download now.

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iOS and Android 0.4.0 release notes

‘Tis the season for GIFing, pandemic be damned. 

Yep, you can send gifs with each transaction now, proving that crypto and fun can in fact coexist. Integrated in-app gif search via Giphy means Aurora is still fully optimized for laziness while sending tXTR.

There’s more cool stuff on top of that:

  • The transactions list screen has a shiny new design

  • The app now has a proper nav to address some previously confusing UX

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