Exclusive TTL Drop: Pony Bank 🐴

A Very Special TTL Store Drop 

The TTL Store has something really special in store for testnet Tari (tXTR) whales 🐋this week. Last time the store had a product this exclusive, it sold out in under an hour so you’ll want to be quick if you want one 🏃These items are extremely limited edition, and will never be produced again.

Need more tXTR? Mine tXTR, or post your Emoji ID on Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, or IRC (#Tari-dev on freenode), and a friendly tXTR whale might send you some.

*tXTR has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash, cash equivalent, or other tokens or cryptocurrencies.

Pony Bank

One-of-a-kind, handpainted Pony Banks inspired by fluffypony (Riccardo Spagni) are now available on The TTL Store. 

As you can imagine, hand-painting these is time-consuming so there’s only 3 of these beautiful Pony Banks and there will never be any more. Maybe you want to teach your kids the value of saving, or you need a place to put your pocket change, or you want to display your status as a Tari mega-fan; whatever the reason, we made Pony Banks for you.

Don’t trot, gallop over to The TTL Store because these won’t be staying in the stables long 🐎

Kid’s Collect Different Shirt

The Tari Collect Different shirt was one of the most popular shirts on The TTL Store. Sorry, there won’t be any more for the grownups but here’s some for the little ones. Now your mini person can match you when you’re sporting your crescent fresh Tari gear. 

Available in sizes ranging from 2T to YL but there’s only a few of each size so don’t miss out.

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