AMA With Tari Contributors 🗣

Telegram AMA With Tari Contributors 

Join the Tari community Thursday, December 17th @ 16:00 UTC (8:00 PDT, 11:00 EDT, 17:00 CET, 18:00 SAST) on Telegram or #Tari on IRC Freenode* to discuss the proof-of-work algorithm for Tari.

*There is a bridge-routing messages between platforms

A lot has changed since the last Tari Telegram community discussion including a new testnet (Ridcully) and a lot of progress on merge mining. If you’ve got questions about this or any questions in general, please join along and get involved in the community chat. Tari contributors will be there to answer any and all questions including “wen main net?”

Aurora Wallet Release 0.5.1

Tari contributors pushed an update to fix a couple minor bugs after the testnet relaunch. On iOS v0.5.1 fixed an issue that caused the app to crash at startup. On Andriod v0.5.1 fixed a bug that caused the automated backup setup to fail after wallet deletion. 

If you haven’t already done so, please update to the latest version of Aurora here.

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