🔥🔥 Hot Summer Updates to Base Nodes and Aurora 🔥🔥

Tari base node v0.3.0 release

Tari contributors released v0.3.0 of Tari base node this week. Please note that this release includes a breaking change to the local blockchain DB. A user upgrading to this version will need to delete their existing db and resync the blockchain. If you have any trouble with this upgrade, ask the community for help on Telegram.

Important: You do not need to delete your wallet. You will not lose your testnet Tari (tXTR) by upgrading your node.

To reset your database, follow these steps:

  1. Stop your node.

  2. Locate your Tari data folder. The default locations are ~/.tari on Mac or Linux and %USERPROFILE%\.tari-testnet under Windows.

  3. Delete the rincewind/db and rincewind/peer_db folders in their entirety. You can leave dht.db, and the wallet directory intact.

  4. Restart your node to re-sync. According to contributors, re-syncing will take ~1 hour or more.

New features in this release

  • Several of back-end changes (hence the need to reset the db) to accommodate pruned mode nodes.

  • Several new gRPC endpoints for use by block explorer applications (and future wallets) (#1922)

  • Increase redundancy for Store and Forward messages (#1929). This PR increases the number of nodes that will see and store a SAF message when it reaches the neighborhood of the destination.

  • Have Messaging protocol substreams close after a period of inactivity (#1913)

Bug fixes

  • Fix mobile build by emitting cargo:rerun-if-changed directive automatically for protobuf (#1926)

  • Fix missing Source and Destination Pubkeys in FFI Transaction Cancellation callback return (#1933)

Please continue to upgrade your nodes to the latest version and report bugs when you find them 🙏

New Aurora app release for iOS and Android

Significant and meaningful updates continue to be made on the Aurora Wallet. This week’s Aurora Wallet update seeks to fix an issue in iOS that was causing transactions to fail and performance/battery issues on Android. Both versions are available for download now.

iOS 0.1.14 release notes

Previously, you could not receive or complete Tari Aurora transactions without opening the app in the foreground each time. Now, transactions will be able to silently complete in the background thanks to new app extension background sync functionality. If this process fails for any reason, you’ll receive a push notification.  

And if that’s not enough for you…

  • The TTL Store is now available in an in-app browser

  • Share bug reports via other apps if your device’s default mail app is not setup

  • Fix that prevents multiple debug menus from being opened when shaking

  • Pull-to-refresh improvements on the transaction screen

  • Deep-link fix for links with emojis (handling URL encoded emojis)

  • UI polish on various screens

Android 0.1.14 release notes

This wallet release pushes key performance improvements around battery usage along with other updates to improve the overall user experience.

  • Performance and battery usage improvements

  • The TTL Store is now available in an in-app browser

  • Updated Tor version

  • Smoothing scrolling and responsiveness of the transaction list

  • Fix for crash when adding recipients in the transaction flow

  • Various UI improvements and minor bug fixes

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